One word: Genelec

This is it. Great design and shape, THE smallest footprint for a 5'' woofer, high-end construction and materials through and through, awesome iso-pod, bomb-proof build.

And of course, the sound. I play, record, mix, master and listen to rock, swing, blues, metal and anything with a good guitar in it. And from the get-go, they accurately showed me the good and the bad in my songs and others' too (IMO, cuz' tone is anything but SUBJECTIVE). They have translated wonderfully through home stereos, other monitors, headphones and computer speakers too. They will sound good with a good mix. It's up to you to make it good, though. And yes, they have ALL THE BASS YOU NEED, no subs required.

Great separation of instruments which, if properly recorded, will sound life-like. Very few monitors really do. As an instrumentalist, I appreciate that. They will work unbelievably well even in untreated rooms, once you know them a bit.

In summary: Objectively great design, features, and attention to details? CHECK! Super transparent and accurate sound? CHECK! Insane 1022 euro price for Finnish made high-end gear? TRIPLE CHECK and mate, really nothing bad to say. They're a steal! GET THESE!


Thomann is supreme!