Very good product for a beginner and intermediary.

I bought this drum set for practice and just for the fun of drumming along drumless songs. It has enough pads and the built quality is more than ok. It works very good with superior drummer and addictive drums and the latency is ok. The sounds from the drum module are ok enough for the money.

pros : real hi-hat stand, real bass drum pedal, it works very well with VST's.

cons : the hi-hat only knows only open or shut, the choke function of my both crash cymbals don't work anymore, the 8-inch tom pads are a little annoying and I don't really like that cable snake.

I have this drum set for almost a year now and I can say that it was a very good choice, I am very satisfied.

I recommend this drum set to everyone who's on a tight budget or someone who just want to practice relatively quietly in a basement or at home.