2. Overview

Mixers are available in a great deal of formats and sizes, and even though most share the same fundamentals, there are many variants and options to choose from. As a mixer will probably be one of the largest single purchases you’'ll make for your set-up, it’'s particularly important to know your exact requirements before buying.

Historically, mixers were designed specifically for use in either a live or a studio setting, whereas these days, particularly at the low to mid-end of the market, the flexibility incorporated into their designs means that the same mixer can often be put to good use in either environment. Whether you are intending to use your mixer in a studio, or as a front of house (FOH) or monitor mixer, you should always consider the different scenarios you may encounter in the future. Limited numbers of inputs, outputs and auxiliary sends are the most common shortcomings of mixers, so it'’s a good idea to have a few extra as you’'ll often find yourself needing them at a later date.

Allen & Heath GL2400 Live Sound Mixer

Although even the most basic mixers can appear daunting to the uninitiated, once you understand a single input channel and the main output section, you’'re pretty much there - ultimately, everything can broken down into either inputs or outputs. The input section of the mixer will typically have microphone inputs on balanced XLR connectors, unbalanced line inputs on jack connectors, or often a combination of both. Each input channel will have a selection of signal processing controls such as gain, EQ, pan and auxiliary or aux’/h sends. The output section groups all the inputs together ready for any final processing, before being sent to the main stereo output. In some cases you will find ‘groups’ or buses’ where a collection of individual channels can be grouped together to form a sub-mix, allowing them all to be controlled by a single fader, before the group’s own output is routed to the master section. We’'ll look at each of these functions more closely in the 'features' section.


Cele mai apreciate produse

  1. Allen & Heath ZED-12FX

    Allen & Heath ZED-12FX

    în stoc
    425 €
    2.010,55 RON
  2. Yamaha MG12 XU

    Yamaha MG12 XU

    în stoc
    349 €
    1.651,01 RON
  3. Yamaha MG16XU

    Yamaha MG16XU

    în stoc
    479 €
    2.266,01 RON
  4. Yamaha MG10 XU

    Yamaha MG10 XU

    în stoc
    219 €
    1.036,02 RON
  5. Yamaha MG06

    Yamaha MG06

    în stoc
    99 €
    468,34 RON
  6. Soundcraft EPM 12

    Soundcraft EPM 12

    în stoc
    235 €
    1.111,71 RON
  7. Yamaha AG06

    Yamaha AG06

    în stoc
    149 €
    704,87 RON
  8. Allen & Heath ZED-14

    Allen & Heath ZED-14

    în stoc
    339 €
    1.603,71 RON
  9. Soundcraft EPM 6

    Soundcraft EPM 6

    în stoc
    177 €
    837,33 RON
  10. Soundcraft EFX 12

    Soundcraft EFX 12

    în stoc
    285 €
    1.348,25 RON
  11. Soundcraft EFX 8

    Soundcraft EFX 8

    în stoc
    248 €
    1.173,21 RON
  12. Soundcraft EPM 8

    Soundcraft EPM 8

    în stoc
    179 €
    846,80 RON
  13. Behringer Xenyx QX1202USB

    Behringer Xenyx QX1202USB

    în stoc
    95 €
    449,42 RON
  14. Behringer Xenyx 1002B

    Behringer Xenyx 1002B

    în stoc
    85 €
    402,11 RON
  15. Behringer Xenyx Q1002USB

    Behringer Xenyx Q1002USB

    în stoc
    69 €
    326,42 RON

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Cele mai populare produse

  1. Behringer X Air XR18

    Behringer X Air XR18

    în stoc
    409 €
    1.934,86 RON
  2. Behringer X32 Compact

    Behringer X32 Compact

    în stoc
    1.222 €
    5.780,92 RON
  3. Numark Scratch

    Numark Scratch

    în stoc
    498 €
    2.355,89 RON
  4. Behringer X32 Rack

    Behringer X32 Rack

    în stoc
    749 €
    3.543,29 RON
  5. Behringer X32 Producer

    Behringer X32 Producer

    în stoc
    1.069 €
    5.057,12 RON
  6. Swissonic Basic Router

    Swissonic Basic Router

    în stoc
    38 €
    179,77 RON
  7. Swissonic Professional Router 2

    Swissonic Professional Router 2

    în stoc
    198 €
    936,68 RON
  8. Soundcraft Ui16

    Soundcraft Ui16

    în stoc
    369 €
    1.745,63 RON
  9. Behringer X32

    Behringer X32

    în stoc
    1.625 €
    7.687,39 RON
  10. the t.mix 401-USB Play

    the t.mix 401-USB Play

    în stoc
    88 €
    416,30 RON
  11. the t.mix 201-USB Play

    the t.mix 201-USB Play

    în stoc
    88 €
    416,30 RON
  12. Mixars Cut MKII

    Mixars Cut MKII

    în stoc
    98 €
    463,61 RON
  13. Soundcraft EFX 8

    Soundcraft EFX 8

    în stoc
    248 €
    1.173,21 RON
  14. Behringer Powerplay P16-MB Mount

    Behringer Powerplay P16-MB Mount

    în stoc
    49 €
    231,80 RON
  15. Behringer Xenyx QX1002USB

    Behringer Xenyx QX1002USB

    în stoc
    82 €
    387,92 RON