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After his first book "Michael Sagmeister's Jazzguitar", which provided an extensive insight into the theme of jazz guitar, comes a book with a more specific content - the arpeggio. The answer to his students' questions about whether they had already dealt extensively with these chord breaks is often: "I know how its done but it's not my thing" or "My fingers are too small for it." In other words, this book deals with a topic that should be highlighted, because it opens up new possibilities for improvisation to the guitarist, avoiding stereotypical musical content. This work explains how to create arpeggios, transfer them in different positions and styles to the fretboard, work with these arpeggios to get them first in the fingers, and secondly musically creatively, and, of course, which arpeggios can be used in which situations and why. The main goal for the player is to make the creativity work with the material offered and to use the concepts in his/her (everyday, current) playing, not just to play the arpeggios up and down. Just in case that were not enough, there is an arpeggio library in the back for quick reference.


  • Arpeggia jazz guitar
  • By Michael Sagmeister
  • 152 pages
  • Introduction
  • Harmonization of the C major scale (three-string)
  • Arpeggio positions
  • Fingerings
  • Fretboard overview
  • Geometrical arrangement of the intervals
  • Methodological overview
  • Operation
  • Harmonization and arpeggios of the major scale
  • Harmonization of the C major scale (four-note)
  • Fingerings of arpeggios
  • Harmonization and arpeggios of the harmonically minor
  • Harmonization of the C-harmonic-minor scale
  • Fingerings of arpeggios
  • Harmonization and arpeggios of the melodic minor
  • Harmonization of the C-melodic minor scale
  • Fingerings of arpeggios
  • Overall overview of the harmonizations
  • Alternative game possibilities
  • Alternative playing possibilities of arpeggios of the C major scale
  • Master positions of the arpeggios of the C major scale
  • Creating Major7 sounds
  • Practical applications with all arpeggios of the major scale
  • Creation of Cmaj7 sounds with the arpeggios Cmaj, Am7 and Em7
  • Creation of
  • Major7 # 11 sound
  • Creating Moll7 sounds
  • Creation of dominant sept sounds
  • Creating Moll7b5 sounds
  • Creation of altered dominant sept sounds
  • Fingerings and sound examples (example E7)
  • Dominant-Sept sounds using the example of A7
  • Dominant-Sept-Sounds using the example of G7
  • Triad Combinations
  • Bitonal arpeggios
  • Arpeggios Library

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