Audio Workshop Cubase Complete

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Tutorial DVD

  • The "film version" of the current Cubase manual
  • 113 Video tutorials on Cubase
  • For all users from Cubase 8 to Cubase Pro 9 and Artist 9
  • Audio and MIDI recordings and their processing
  • All audio and MIDI editors at a glance
  • Special features such as sampler track, audio warp, VariAudio, and NoteExpression
  • Plug-in Manager, ASIO Guard & Control Room
  • All Cubase menus and program settings in detail
  • Includes the new features of Cubase Pro 9 and Cubase Artist 9
  • Additionally on the DVD: useful project templates and additional practical tips
  • Lecturer: Holger Steinbrink
  • Longtime certified Steinberg lecturer
  • Requirements: PC / MAC with DVD drive and compatible player or iPad / tablet
  • Running time 19 Hours, 6 minutes
  • Quality: Full HD (1920x1080)
  • Language: German

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