DVD Lernkurs Hands on Presonus Studio One

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DVD Lernkurs Hands on Presonus Studio One - Das umfassende Videotraining (Box); German interactive video tutorials for PC, Mac and tablet; more than 19 hours of video with over 300 lessons; Quick start - the basics in short; basic settings and setup; the workspaces at a glance; working in the song window; using the browser; importing and editing audio material; integration of virtual instruments; the Studio One instruments in detail; recording via MIDI devices and computer keyboard; grid and quantization; audio settings and audio interface; Recording and editing audio; editing MIDI events and audio events; overview of Melodyne Essential; advanced editing functions; saving songs in different versions; working with the mixer; insert and send effects; various effects in the mix; working with bus channels; automation of various parameters; Note-FX effects; arranging songs (arranger track, scratchpad and more); output and mixdown; project area and export functions; complete content of Studio One 3 and 4 practical trainings; system requirements: Win7 min., Mac OSX 10.6 min., 1,6 GHz CPU, 0,5 GB RAM, 1920 x 1080 Monitor, soundcard, DVD drive

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