Great sound for practicing

I bought this for practicing at home, and maybe rehearsals with the band.

At home it works great. The sound is clear. No buzzing. The knobs give impression of good quality. The arrangement with preset sounds works rather fine, and they are easy to adjust after your own preferences. Maybe the delay/reverb options are maybe a bit extreme.

I also enjoy the possibility to tune the guitar using the amplifier. In a half dark room (where I normally play) it'd difficult to read the small letters beside the strong LEDs.

I've used it with the band once. We don't play very loud, and the amp had enough power for the occasion. At this occasion I however felt that the small knobs for finding your preset sound wasn't perfect. It's difficult to find the right position, and once again the small letters beside strong LEDs are really hard to read.

Overall - the sound is good and the preset sounds have great character. But many small knobs and LEDs are not so intuitive to use.