Flyht Pro Speaker Tour Case Uni 2x 15"

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Flyht Pro Speaker Tour Case Uni 2x 15 ".Tourcase for 2 universal 15" speaker cabinets with various dimensions. Due to the ingenious Velcro foam interior fitting, the Flightcase can be adapted to accomodate various models of speaker cabinets fitted with 15" woofers and can be flexibly changed over and over again to transport speaker cabinets of a different size, can be used for speaker cabinets with sizes from 36 x 44 x 70 cm to 43 x 44 x 76 cm (WxDxH), Interior dimensions: 450 x 772 x 445 mm (the width is for a box compartment) accessory compartment: 433 x 402 x 186 mm, upholstery in rectangular shape: 400 x 10 x 150 mm, in square shape: 150 x 10 x 150 mm; with accessories compartment for flight Accessories, cables, Safetys, etc. (12.6 x 33.0 x 35.0 cm WxDxH), 9.8mm plywood with laminate, 4 latches, 4 handles, 4x 4" blue wheels (two with brake, two without brake), External dimensions: 110,0 x 48,8 x 81,0 (LxWxH), Weight: 46,0 kg