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Informational book "Mastern wie die Profis" (Master like the professionals)

In his bestseller "Mischen wie die Profis" (Mix like the Pros), Bobby Owsinski touched on the subject of mastering. "Mastern wie die Profis" offers a hands-on introduction to professional mastering, peppered with notes and advice from the master himself. In addition to that, Owinski has consulted ten of the most esteemed mastering engineers making sure to include not only the legends, but also top professionals from different fields of expertise.

  • The must-have handbook for sound engineers
  • A systematic introduction to the art of mastering
  • Music mastering is the last chance to put the final touches to a song or album and to make any final corrections
  • Mastering is an art form in its own right, the successful outcome of which primarily depends on the skills of the mastering engineer
  • Note: book is in the German language

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