Nuvo jSAX Saxophone white-green 2.0

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Saxophone in CThe Nuvo jSAX offers children the opportunity to play a saxophone at an early age.

The jSAX is built in the style of the traditional saxophone fingering. So children can learn about the sound generation and sound behaviour of a large saxophone.

  • Range from middle C to G of next octave
  • Stable ABS and silicone construction
  • Mouthpiece with integrated ligature and capsule
  • Curved silicone sound cup
  • Bent neck
  • Closure caps for beginners with small hands
  • 100% Water-proof
  • Washable with warm soapy water
  • Maintenance-friendly and self-regulating silicone keys
  • Very suitable for beginners and saxophone lovers of all ages
  • Low weight - no carrying strap required
  • Ideal follow-up instrument after the Nuvo DooD
  • Colour: White-green
  • Includes 2 Nuvo plastic reeds (thickness 1½ and 2), instruction manual and fingering chart, case with shoulder strap

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