Sabian 07" HHX Evolution Splash

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Splash CymbalThe HHX Evolution series was developed in cooperation with Dave Weckl.

  • Size: 7
  • Series HHX Evolution
  • Mechanically hand-hammered
  • Sabian Tone Projection
  • Fast, sensitive response
  • Highly responsive splash
  • With brighter, faster assertiveness

With the HHX Evolution series, developed in cooperation with top drummer Dave Weckl, Sabian has succeeded in creating interesting cymbal sounds both for the conventional models (Hi-Hats, Crash, Ride) as well as for the cymbal effects (Splash, but also all the new O Zone Crash and Effect Crash models).

The new HHX Evolution line is characterized first and foremost by excellent dynamics and fast response as well as warm and present basic sounds. The Cymbal's effect convinces with its idiosyncratic and characteristic sound patterns, which should be interesting for both drummers and percussionists. With regard to musical applications, many areas are conceivable as long as no high volume is required (... and what are microphones for?). When it comes to workmanship, Sabian's well-known high-quality is offered and our test candidates proved to be reliable and flawless in practical tests. Even the flexibly sensitive O Zone Crash Cymbals withstood an overload test without damage or sound loss. In this respect, the pricing is quite reasonable and corresponds to the usual framework. An individual sound-check can be recommended due to the fine effect sounds alone, and also the conventional models have excellent sound characteristics, which interested drummers should experience themselves.

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