Schott Die Bläserbande A-Sax

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Schott Die Bläserbande A-Sax, Die Bläserbande, Alto Saxophone in Eb tuning, by Bernhard Gortheil: School for teaching in groups and classes of wood wind and brass players, For children at the age of junior school, Many exercises for embouchure,tune and posture, The gamut is for all instruments the same,so the songs and voices can be developed together, Inclusive CD, In German language, Concent: Die Bläserbande, Nummer 1, Banden-Trio, Im Kletterwald, Geheimsprache, Schatztruhe, Coole Mucke mit fünf Tönen, Schatzkammer, Töne-Jogging, Pirateninsel, oo7, Taktgefühl, Zugabe, Im Bandenwald, Lieder und Spielstücke, Töne-Checker, Sounds, And many more

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