One hell of a pickup!

So the reason you're reading this review is probably because your searching for that legendary Slash AFD tone, and let me tell you, this is one giant leap in that direction! Just installed these in a 650 ¤ ish Les Paul model (hagström) and my guitar now sounds like any custom shop gibson straight outta Nashville! Even if you're not a slash-fanatic, these are surprisingly versatile pickups with a warm, moderate output suitable for jazz, blues and classic rock. I would describe the crunch-tone with one word; mean! Amazing crunch which somehow seems to enhance the "woodiness" of the guitar, really bringing out the character of your instrument, while keeping the clarity of each individual string that so many other pickups (*cough* EMG *cough*) fail to retain on higher gain settings. I honestly can't think of a criticism, it delivers rude and dirty tones on the bridge pickup as well as angelic, almost melancholic tones on the neck pickup, with increased sustain all-round. Just make sure you use a high-wattage tube amp head and stacks of marshall's and you'll be riding the nightrain soon enough! peace