Seymour Duncan SH1B NCover 2C

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The classic in its original form: many experts are of the opinion that a single cut guitar should come with nothing but a PAF-type humbucker. And for those guitarists who still want their guitar to have a vintage look alongside a vintage sound, the SH1 with chrome cover - as it is known from single cut and double cut standards - is the ideal companion.

The Seymour Duncan SH1 is one of the most popular replacement pickups ever and way ahead of the rest when it comes to reproducing the legendary, balanced sound of the legendary PAF humbuckers of Seth Lover. (The pickups get their name from the "patent applied for" sticker on their underside.) For many guitarists this pickup is still the best: it is not a screamer - is much too classy for that - ​​but it can sing like no other pickup. The most selective of musical enthusiasts would award the SH1 a touch more authenticity than many competitors, but only an AB comparison (very complex with pickups) could bring any clarification, and even then certain judgments remain a simple matter of taste. In any case, this is a hot favourite!

The SH 1 B59 is particularly suitable for the bridge position, especially if you want to hear the guitar tone as much as possible (as we mentioned before, it sings, even with moderate distortion). It is therefore ideally suited for use in single cut types - these in particular bring enough power and sustain to the table; a too hefty pickup could even do harm!

  • '59 Model
  • Bridge position
  • Humbucker
  • Original PAF replica
  • Warm tone with great sustain
  • Single conductor cable
  • Chrome cover

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