Xaphoon Standard C

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Standard Xaphoon in C

The standard XAPHOON distinguishes itself above all by its precision. It was developed for schools, bands, ensembles and just for all that want each instrument sound exactly the same. The CLASSIC XAPHOON is a standardised Xaphoon. It is produced in Indiana / USA, using high-precision manufacturing process, it is made from the same material as clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces. It is an ideal instrument for beginners and in addition it is less expensive than other Xaphoons.

We especially recommend it for the interplay with string and keyboard instruments, C or F-flute. The C Xaphoons are somewhat shorter than the B ones, which for smaller hands is an advantage. The blowing force is sufficient already for 2-3 years old children, however, primarily due to the finger size, our experience shows that the standard XAPHOON can be well teached to children from 6 years. On this instrument C - / F - / B major and A - / D - / G - minor are the easiest to play.

The sound is more direct and a little stronger than that of the MAUI XAPHOONS.

  • Standard model
  • Pocket sax
  • Material: Plastic
  • Lowest note C'
  • Range of 2 octaves
  • a' = 440 Hz
  • To play with a tenor saxophone reed
  • Incl. reed, protective cap and ligature

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