Gonzalez Bb Clarinet Reed FOF Cut 3

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Gonzalez Bb-Clarinet Reed, size 3, FOF cut (For Our Friends), for clarinetists that need a reed with a darker sound, they are made following an "american" cut, these reeds have thicker wood in the heart, therefore they require longer times in order to become stable, Gonzalez Reeds all come from Argentina, where the climate allows exceptional cane to grow, the reeds are made and packaged in a very earth-friendly manner, they are meticulously made from the finest hand selected cane, only naturally grown cane that is free of pesticides and chemical products is chosen to become Gonzalez reeds, aged a minimum of two years, each cane tube is split and measured to ensure proper dimensions, careful inspection at each stage of production guarantees that only the best reeds receive the Gonzalez stamp of approval, each Gonzalez box contains consistently playable reeds that exceed the demands of the most discerning player, box of 10 reeds


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