Hal Leonard Goldmine: 100 Jazz Lessons

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Electric Guitar Book

  • Goldmine: 100 Jazz Lessons
  • By John Heussenstamm and Paul Silbergleit
  • Advance your guitar skills with the Goldmine series! Extensive exercises, tips and instructions in standard notation and tablature accompany you in this special exercise book for the jazz guitar
  • With 2 CDs! In English language

Includes such styles and techniques as:

  • Modes
  • Arpeggios
  • Octaves
  • Pentatonics
  • Alternative picking
  • Polyphonic harmony
  • String skipping
  • Jazz blues licks
  • Slash chords
  • Turnaround improvisation
  • Chord families
  • 3/4 Soloing
  • Scale sequences
  • Sus chords
  • Melodic minor
  • Major to minor
  • Chromatic riffs
  • Quartals
  • And much more

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