Hal Leonard Metal Lead Guitar Vol.1

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School for Metal Lead Guitar

  • Volume I
  • By Troy Stetina
  • In tablature - without notes
  • Intermediate level of difficulty
  • Format: Din A4
  • 64 Pages
  • ISBN 9780793509607, Publishing no.: HLE00699321
  • English language
  • Includes demo recordings (free downloads)


  • Overview of the fundamentals
  • Many solos that build up in speed and level of difficulty
  • Minor pentatonic, blues, dorian, and natural minor scale forms in licks and solos
  • Articulations including string bendings, vibratos, palm-muting, staccato, etc.
  • Phrasing and rhythmic concepts
  • Speed exercises
  • Basic scale theory
  • Sequencing and contouring scales
  • Right-handed tapping
  • Harmonics
  • Vibrato bar

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