Hofa System PhaserChorusFlanger

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  • Consists of 5 modules for the Hofa system
  • Ideal for production, sound design and mixing
  • Contains 5 modulation effects
  • Chorus with three algorithms
  • FlangerClassic for all common car flangers
  • FlangerTape simulates the flanging effect with two tape machines and manual deceleration
  • Phaser with the algorithms PhaserTOS, PhaserTNG, PhaserDS9, Phaser7o9 and PhaserOdo for characteristic effects
  • MultiMod is an 8-voice chorus / flanger with 10 editable parameters per voice
  • In addition to the serial interconnection of the effects, multiband, MS, parallel and dual mono routing are possible
  • Complex modulations and feedback loops for unusual effect creations
  • Several modules can be summarized in a folder and operated combined module parameters via macro-controllers
  • All modules can be used separately as normal plugins
  • Freely scalable user interface


  • Supported formats: VST2 / VST3 / AU / AAXnative / RTAS
  • System requirements: WinXP, Mac OSX 10.6, Internet connection

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