Olaf Böhme Das große Mundharmonika Buch

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School for Harmonica

  • By Olaf Böhme
  • Playing techniques, practice instructions and 100 songs for diatonic harmonica
  • Blues, Bluegrass, American Folk, Country, Irish Music, Folk Music, Evergreens, and others...
  • The book explains the most important playing techniques on the blues harp and demonstrates them in concrete song examples
  • It is aimed at beginners and advanced alike
  • Only a blues harp in C major is needed, because all 100 songs in the songbook are recorded with a c-blues harp and guitar accompaniment and notated in notation and tablature, but not all songs are in C major
  • The book teaches you how to play with a C-harmonica in other major and even minor keys
  • With MP3 audio CD
  • In German language
  • 232 Pages
  • ISBN: 978-3-00-052374-8

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