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Ethno-Instrument (Download)

  • Contains 28 oriental instruments in the four categories of percussion, wind, string bowed and string plucked
  • Large library with numerous dynamics gradations, articulations, round robin and legato and glissando samples
  • Patches for the main Arabic and Turkish microtuning scales
  • Percussion: Bendhir, Daf, Darbuka, Davul, Dayre, Riq, Riq plastic, Tombak
  • Wind Instruments: Turkish Mey High & Low, Turkish Clarinet, Kaval, Turkish Ney, Persian Ney, Zourna, Duduk
  • Strings: Turkish Violin, Lyra 1, Lyra 2
  • Plucked: Kopuz, Dutar, Santur, Oud, Baglama Big, Baglama Small, Tambur, Rabab, Tar

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