Brilliant stand at a brilliant price

This music stand has no thrills but does exactly what I need it to do. It comfortably holds my 18kg Nord Piano.

For me, the best thing about it is the locking mechanism of the legs - it is not friction-based like other stands at this price point but consists of spring-loaded bolts going into holes in the legs. Not only does this mean my keyboard is completely level after a matter of seconds of setting up, but there is no chance of the stand slipping down and causing my keyboard to fall off.

Other great reasons to buy this:

- Lots of room under the keyboard for your legs

- Folds down fairly small (though not as thin as an x-stand)

- You can buy the second keyboard extension later if needed

- It has foam pads on the top to stop your keyboard from getting scratched

This is a steal, no matter the size or cost of your keyboard. It will hold it and will hold it well.