Truly great 5-string guitar with no competitors in it's price range

Features: First of all, this is cheapest 5-string bass guitar with active electronics and neck-through body I have ever seen. All hardware is black, natural wood body is covered in light polish and looking great. Sound knobs have a very pleasant go and you can feel very light click when it passes the middle (So light I haven't noticed it in couple first weeks)

Sound: I have tried few other guitar for brief time, and compared to this one they all are dull. Don't know, is it ceramic pickups, body, my own feeling or I just don't have enough time to feel other guitars. Sound is generally is very deep and powerful, and using active electronics it is possible to get very wide range of sounds. However I noticed that this guitar can't achieve some sounds in metal songs. Nevertheless its sound is all I could have dreamed of. I am playing Muse, Metallica, Deep Purple and it fits perfectly, especially Muse.

Quality: Body feels very durable, hardware is very good as well, tuning pegs are very stable. However, I have to glue sound knobs so they would be more stable. Also I have to use soldering iron as one of the wires inside fell off. Also it might sounds crazy, but I have enjoyed fixing my guitar. Just be sure you have some tools.

Total: Reasonably cheap guitar with great sound.

I have to say thank you Thomann for making this great guitar, I love it all !