Maxon OD-808

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Effects pedal

The Japanese company Maxon has been going a long time, despite it never really being known to us. Meanwhile, word got out that the legendary Tubescreamer TS808 has long been manufactured by Maxon, and Maxon is now bringing virtually all of its old treasures back onto the market. Naturally that includes the "mother of all overdrives", the Maxon OD-808.

Similar in design to the earlier, manufactured overseas TS808, it also retains the legendary JRC 4558 D chip. Compared to the later TS-9, it sounds a bit softer and clearer - the "mid-knock" of the later Tubescreamer is less pronounced. For many, it is simply "the" Overdrive.

  • Reissue Series
  • Often copied, never equaled
  • Identical with the original circuit and incl. the JRC4558D chip
  • Characteristics: Natural sounding overdrive, similar to a tube amp
  • Unbelievably clear
  • Dynamic to play
  • Suitable power supply: Article Nr #409939# (not included)

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