Fantastic for its size

I bought the GE200 a few months ago for doing small jam nights and a two piece gig I do. It’s been used every week since I got it. I use acoustic and electric guitars so I thought this would be perfect.

Well I wasn’t wrong! The built in effects and drives were very good.

It’s sturdy built quality and small size makes it perfect for fitting in the pocket of decent gig bags for when I am using public transport.

I can’t find much wrong with this except for:

1- the lack of an Fx loop (for adding in some of my favorite pedals)

2- you can only have one of any effect on, no stacking drives or delay etc...

I’m really enjoying this unit not only for gigs bu for home use too. The Amp and cab IRs are very realistic and fun to play.

I really recommend this to anyone who is looking at doing a similar setup.