Quality Strings

Having played sitar for ten years I have to say these are the ideal strings for me! I had trouble with the normal steel strings scratching the nickel/silver frets on my new sitar but the silver-plating on the string makes all the difference for this.

The price is a little high compared to other strings, and I still can't find anywhere to buy reels of silver-plated steel, so keeping your sitar strung with these is pricey! (especially if you play a lot and frequently break the baaj string).

Generally, the tone is great - though the better the instrument you have, the more likely you will actually notice a difference. I wouldn't recommend these for low quality sitars for this reason (unless money isn't a concern, but then you might as well buy an amaaazing sitar).

If you are looking for the same product but need a better price then consider getting the pyramid 7 which don't include the taraf (sympathetic strings) - Much cheaper! (You will find it here on Thomann)