Initially disappointing, having used better, often.

There is no bass control to let the bass run louder while the tops are low volume, this dissapointed me as different types of CD music (Classical - R&R, etc) need this adjustment.

I have the small LD active bass, it has so much more adjustment, plus, you can adjust the bass hertz you want it to work on, it has far more uses & far more power than the 108 sub a & only costs a little more.

This 108 sub a, will go to my wife's coffee shop, she has 4 good quality x 8 ohm satellite speakers already in there, this will give her some bass & work the satellite speakers too, It will also work as a PA for her open mic night, we have a passive? mixer to add to it for this.

I will keep this one & it will work hard every day in the cafe.

Thomann music gear has a very good name for reliability + 3 years guarantee! cannot go wrong.