I got these for "free" when buying a bundle, and there's a reason for them being an extra. Honestly, if you are browsing this site you have no reason to buy them as is. Invest a bit more and you'll get headphones that actually have some proper use.

They are "ok" for listening what's going on, but should not be used for any other purpose, as the sound is not something to be praised for. I'd say that giving them to a band member to follow the click is what they are meant for, but even then, you should warn them not to shake their heads too much as the headphones are not too stable staying at your head. The parts over your ears are quite heavy to the contrast of the strap, reducing the comfort drasticly. But, they are not too tight, I'll give them credit for that.

While my words may sound harsh, it was what I expected and they worked just fine using them for personal training with e-drums. All I really asked for was them to deliver sound, which they did, on a reasonably high volume I might add. But the thing I was very disappointed of was the product quality. It took less than 2 months for them to break without any kind of ill-usage. They were stored on top of the drums in apartment, and I did not even disconnect them after plugging them in once I had assembled the kit.

While they were free for me, I still don't think that something like that is acceptable. Taking in account all the other negative things they have, I couldn't even be bothered sending them back, as they really serve no rational purpose.

I was disappointed, and didn't even pay for them. You shouldn't invest one cent in these.