Walrus does it again

Bought this reverb after looking up a few youtube videos. I've had a EHX cathedral before and was able to play on a few other known reverb pedals. Just from pluging the guitar in straight to my soundcard without any amp sims the sound became so much warmer and detailed. Like switching from a shit soundcard to a perfect spanky crisp DI signal.

I've only had it or 2weeks now but still havent figured out all the settings but for each reverb type you can just look it up on youtube. So i'll just say the pro's to this besides the amazing sound and reverb it gives is that there's something constantly happening with the reverb so its really good for experimenting and getting a whole lot of different sounds(from swells with octaves, weird sink detunes, amazing lush post rock ocean deep souns) but will also give you the typical reverb if you want.


If you're not sure about getting a Slo or another reveb pedal, I'd suggest get both. There's no losing with getting this pedal.