Schott Easy Concert Double Bass Vol.2

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Music Book for Double Bass and Piano

  • Volume 2 of the easy concert pieces for double bass and piano
  • Works from Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern for double bass
  • Pieces in extended range up to the third position, combined line styles
  • Edited by Charlotte Mohrs
  • Easy to play
  • Format: DIN A4
  • 64 Pages
  • ISBN 978-3-7957-1056-9, publisher no. ED22552
  • Includes printed piano accompaniment
  • Includes CD with demo and play-along recordings


  • Divisions I and II (Simpson)
  • Chorea hungarica (Vietórisz)
  • Largo affetuoso (Corelli)
  • Loure (de Paepen)
  • Aria aus der "Bauernkantate" (Bach)
  • Rigaudon (Chédeville)´
  • Andante aus der "Symphonie mit dem Paukenschlag" (Haydn)
  • Deutscher Tanz KV 600 No.2 (Mozart)
  • Andante (Reinagle)
  • Sailor's Hornpipe (Traditional)
  • Waltz (Dragonetti)
  • Zwei leichte Stücke (Adagio/Allegretto) (Bottesini)
  • Zwei Miniaturen (Allegretto/Lento) (Bottesini)
  • Marsch aus "Der Nussknacker" (Tschaikowsky)
  • Elégie (Laska)
  • Burlesque (Gretchaninoff)
  • Räuber und Gendarm (Gretchaninoff)
  • Rundtanz (Bartók)
  • Leichtes Stück (Hindemith)
  • Bitte nicht stolpern (Regner)
  • Gutes Neues Jahr (Kemminer)
  • Tanz der Waldfee (Mohrs)

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