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  • Benny Greb presents a comprehensive pedagogical concept that clearly focuses on the freedom of personal expression on drums
  • His concept is a practice-oriented method that equates the learning of drumming with the learning of a language
  • Thus, well-known terms such as letters and words emerge here as well as, as the level of difficulty increases, syntax and language
  • At the same time it is immediately clear what significance the individual contents have for the overall concept and that they are also applicable to all levels of play, both for the beginner and the experienced professional
  • Since the release of the DVD The Language of Drumming, Benny has continuously developed this system, so that this book now has a comprehensive and complete drum kit that works either standalone or as an accompaniment or supplement to the DVD
  • Not only does this book give you the ability to sound different, but more importantly, the ability to think your music differently and better understand the rhythm itself. This equipment gives you the ability to better understand other methods and ways of playing and, sooner or later, to develop your own methodology
  • This will give you a much higher degree of playful and musical creativity or freedom while playing, O-Ton Benny Greb
  • With Audio Online Access for downloading videos and demos
  • ISBN: 978-1-4950-7211-6
  • 96 pages
  • In English

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