Really nice guitar for the price!

I use it to teach guitar lessons, for jamming with my students and for my pleasure. I searched on Youtube for more infos. Cory Mura's videos really helped me to want and buy one. I made a very good decision in my oppinion. Not wanting to spend 1000 Euros minimum on some PRS SE or more for US models.

The guitar has a nice colour, but not exactly the same as shown in the pictures. It is nicer in sunlight and bright light, Mine has a slight darker area right on the neck binding which makes a good contrast on the cutaway and neck pickup area.

Some minor colour imperfections on the area of the binding, a light speckles on the binding underneath the wood lacquer. One single small scratch (2mm) on the binding on 5-th fret.

The roseacer on the 1 fret has some pollishing scratches, it's a little dry. As soon as you treat it with lemon oil, you should leave it for 1 hour and then wipe it down. It leaves a small black colour on your fingertips otherwise. You should treat it a few times with lemon oil. It looks like a much more expensive ebony wood.


- feels like a much more expensive instrument, the attractive looks and stunning colour;

- right balance on strap or playing seatted;

- great sustain acoustically and amplified;

- the Wilkinson pickups are pretty hot; they resonate very beautifull; the sound is bigger and thicker than Di Marzio Tone Zone or Air Norton;

- they sound superb on any 3 way switch;

- the push-pull tone knob is a nice feature;

- the Wilkinson tremolo has a good feel and it does not ruin the guitar tunning for light tremolo usage; (as soon as you abuse it, the G string and the 6-th E, start the loose the tunning);

- the string action was a little high when I received it from Thomann, I adjusted the truss rod and the string height on the tremolo (1mm on 1-st string and 1.2 mm on 6-th string), NOT A SIGLE DEAD SPOT ON THE NECK OR ANY FRET BUZZ!!!

- the frets are well finished, crowned and polished;

- the guitar tuners work fine, but for some more tunning stability, I recommend changing them for some more precise and stable locking tuners.


- some minor optical flaws (the binding cutaway area has a darker area and 1-2 speckles of lighter green, the green instrument shown on the pictures has not the same grain or darker green on both parts of the cutaway);

- I would prefer only wood lacquer on the neck, headstock and back of the guitar, without any darker green paint;

- a small scratch (1mm) on the guitar binding (5th fret);

- a few small splachtes of light green on 1st fret;

- the strings on the nut do not follow the entire groove;

- the tunning stability using the tremolo;

- a high spot of wood lacquer underneath the tremolo; the height cannot be the same on the 1-st and 6-th fret because of it. It may cause loosing the stability of the entire tunning;

- the action of the tremolo is too rigid, you cannot use it for light tremolo action;

- the need for good locking tunners to really benefit the sound and sustain of the guitar;

- big weight (almost double as a PRS SE 2016 Mark Holcomb signature model);

- the strings don't enter straight on the tuners causing friction on the nut;

- plastic nut poorly cut and the cheep plastic truss rod cover;

- the pots don't look like on the traditional PRS, I will change them right away;

- the top and the pots are not recessed like the original model;

- too dark sound when closing tone pot, almost unusable in my opinion; try changing the guitar's tone capacitor.

Overall a very good sound, well balanced, beautifull guitar with some small flaws which can be lived with. It's not perfect but I hope you will enjoy it.

Conclusion: Unless you want to buy some original PRS guitars, try to play one. Get one if you are not too picky with guitars and have great expectations for a cheap models. Good luck!