Good quality, resonable price

Good quality finish; good quality materials. Compared to other stands I've been using before, this one won't leave marks on your guitar even for long term using. The stool is very stable for my "light" weight (70Kg), but I'm not sure how will resist for "heavy" players :) .

It can be used for any guitar type/size: electric, acoustic, bass, etc... I personally use it for an electric guitar and it does the job very well.

Would be apreciated if it would have a 2nd higher footrest. After sitting a while, my back starts to hurt due to the inconfortable position, but I guess it is not designed for very long sitting/playing.

Very practical, can be easily folded/unfolded, ensuring easy manipulation/transportation.

Overall I am highly satisified with this product, also taking into consideration the resonable price! I recomend it!