XAOC Devices Moskwa II

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Detalii produs

XAOC Devices Moskawa II; Eurorack module; 8 Step Rotosequencer; 8 steps, each with CV control knob and on/off button; for each step programmable functions like slew (portamento), slew probability, gate/trigger probability; up to 8 gate/trigger pattern programmable for each step; internal slew limiter; internal clock (12-2400 BPM); adjustable dividion or multiplication for external clock signals; internal quantizer with 8 scales; 8 preset memory slots for sequences; CV output switchable from 0+8V to +/-5V; inputs for external clock, reset, transport and direction; Gate and CV outputs; expandable with Ostankino II module (item 521037) and second Moskwa II; power consumption: 40mA (+12V) / 0mA (-12V); width: 20 HP; depth: 30mm

Persoana dvs de contact: Studio/Sint/PC

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