Yamaha YSL-350 C Trombone

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Compact Trombone in Bb-Finally, a trombone, which can be played by children!

Many children are fascinated by the trombone. It has a pleasing and powerful sound that is only changed by moving the slide. But unfortunately this instrument could not be played by young students. Modern trombones were designed for adults. To achieve all slide positions Yamaha has developed the concert-YSL-350C. This is a full-size trombone, with all the traditional slide positions, but much shorter. With the YSL-350C, you can play a whole scale without having to use the two farthest positions.

  • Key: Bb-
  • With short valved attachment
  • Gold brass bell: 204.4 mm (8")
  • Double bore: 12.7-13.34 mm (0.500-.525")
  • Mouthpiece: 48
  • Shortened slide
  • Clear lacquer finish
  • Includes case and accessories

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