Doepfer A-134-1 Vc Pan MKII

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Voltage-Controlled Panning Module

The A-134 is a voltage-controlled panning module. The module consists of 2 linear VCAs, which are inversely controlled by a control voltage, i.e., the more the volume of one VCA increases, the more the volume decreases on the other VCA. The module has 2 audio inputs with an attenuator, which is assigned to both VCAs. If there is nothing plugged into the second input jack (VCA2), then the audio signal of VCA1 will also be used for VCA2. There are 3 audio outputs available: VCA1, VCA2, and Mix (a mixed signal of both VCA outputs). With the A-134, voltage-controlled stereo panning effects (VCA outputs on left / right stereo channels), mono panning effects (e.g., between 2 different audio signals), or a mixture of both functions can be implemented.

The panning function can be controlled manually and via two external control voltages (one of which is equipped with an attenuator). As control signals, the following can be used: LFO (A-145, A-146, A-147), envelopes (A-140, A-141, A-142, A-119), random (A-118), theremin (A-178), foot controller ( A-177), or the voltage of a MIDI-to-CV interface (A-190 or A-191). The panning function is displayed optically via 2 LEDs.


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