Qualité de fabrication

headphones for Studio monitoring convenient mixes for ipads

Monitoring thru HP mixes to be used on ipads is useless...Needing headphones you can TRUST: powerful enough (96db) to match iPad without overload at over compressing wave recordings ...just to be able to listen it !

BUT neither pushing Bass so much they will disappear , ghost of the mix ! Neither missing treble frequencies Turned overload unafordable for others without YOU noticing it.

So Audiotechnica headphones X50 are the most suitable tool to rely at mixing safe between noticeable 40hz to 12.000 hz your ears can afford as well as headphones

I tried most brands, of course better if matching the (unknown!) brand used by your customers...while desapointing for others. Audiotechnica will not disapoint YOU while your mix being waves or ma4 (needed for mails) will be convenient for most receivers.

Multicables offer with SAFE connector help matching Studio monitoring needs,

they are proof enough NOT to bleed at singer recording together from sound motivating!

WHAT else should YOU need and...get at such a convenient price ?