Malletech LoveVibe2 LV3.0 Red

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Malletech LoveVibe LV3.0, 3 octaves, A=443Hz, custom bar finish (RED soundbars), make love to a note - add vibrato like a pop singer: make love to a chord, link vibrato speed to the underlying tempo, improvise vibrato rhythms at will; Control the depth & strength of the effect in real time: fully open to fully closed resonators, patent-pending shutter technology, no air leakage around pulsar disks (for softest ppp), no blockage of bar vibrations by fans (for maximum fff), no tube cut outs (full frequency spectrum and power of resonance); Crescendo and diminuendo at will: strike note/chord and crescendo, strike note/chord and diminuendo, "hairpin" crescendo/diminuendo after attack; Lightweight, state-of-the-art, rock-solid frame design: no motor: silent vibrato control, one person quick set up, every parameter is user adjustable, the most beautiful "electric guitar" choice of finishes ever seen on a vibraphone; fixed resonators

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