Z.Vex Box of Rock Vexter

€ 222 Inclusa IVA e spese di trasporto

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Distortion PedalThe BOX of Rock is ZVEX's first distortion pedal. It has been specially designed to simulate the "British setting" sound of a classic Marshall JTM 45 non-master-volume amplifier.

Of course you can operate the pedal with any other amplifier as well, but to hear the sound Zachary Vex had in mind when he developed this pedal, you should try it with a Marshall amplifier at least once. The degree of distortion up to the clean sound, can be controlled very easily with the volume knob on the guitar.

The boost channel can be either operated alone or in conjunction with the "distortron engine". The boost channel is switched after the "distortron engine" to put extra power in to the amp again if both channels are turned on, increasing the volume for a better solo play.

  • Simulates the "British setting" of an old Marshall amp
  • Power supply optional available (#409939#)

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