shadow sh661 in the neck position strat

i wanted to add some other sounds to my mim strat

so i tried this pickup

i added a rotary switch to give me all the options since its a four conductor.i must say it was not easy to determine the wiring but i figured it out.

the wires are very thin so be careful

red north hot

withe north cold

blue south hot

black south cold

there is also a shield wire

1 humbucker mode

2 parallel north and south

3 north

4 south

i must say i was pleased with the over all sounds

the humbucker sound was very nice not that muddy

i ended up up using the full humbucker and parallel mode the most.

the coils are covered with cloth so that and the very thin wires made me give it a 3 for built quality.

over all great pick for the money.

hope this helps.