Moeck 4304 Rottenburgh Alto

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Rottenburg Alto Recorder

Like the violin, the classical recorder dates back to the Baroque period in cultural centres such as Paris, London, Amsterdam, Nürnberg and Brussels. Friedrich von Huene, the well-known recorder maker, examined almost all original recorders that were sent to museums. Developed from the data collected and in the style of instruments from Jean-Hyacinth-Joseph Rottenburgh, the MOECK Rottenburgh Baroque recorder in modern tuning was born.

Today, they are the most played Baroque solo recorders and have proven themselves to be particularly reliable. They are characterised by their brilliant trebles.

  • Body made of box tree wood
  • Baroque style fingering
  • With double hole
  • Includes case, cleaning rod and towel, certificate, fingering chart, care set

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