Schott Uhl 48 Etüden für Klarinette

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Music Book

The Austrian clarinettist and composer Alfred Uhl (1909-92), born and educated in Vienna, has gained international recognition especially for his film music compositions, orchestral works and chamber music. His works move within a tonal framework and combine differentiated rhythms and catchy melodies. In this way, Uhl has developed his very own musical style, which he also realizes in his lessons. His lesson cycle is a standard work of the teaching literature for clarinet and covers almost every aspect of clarinet playing technique. In addition to the technical training objectives, the musical content is not neglected -each of the study works is a small character piece that helps the clarinettist to develop his musical imagination independently of technical hurdles.

  • 48 Lessons for Clarinet, by Alfred Uhl
  • New edition in one volume with tips for practicing by Prof. Reiner Wehle
  • In German and English language

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