Voggenreiter Blues Harp Schule

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Blues Harp School

  • For beginners
  • By Dieter Kropp
  • Incl. 64 tracks to listen and play along to on CD with playing exercises, song examples, play-alongs, and bendings
  • 7 Chapters with basic knowledge + an extra track on DVD
  • A blues harp (harmonica) in C major is needed
  • For those who have never held a blues harp in their hand before, but want to make rapid progress without having to possess a knowledge of note reading
  • From the simple melody of a "Hamborger Veermaster", to the earthy blues in "Lonesome Mood", basic knowledge is conveyed in a clear and abundant way.
  • From the choice of the right instrument to the position of the harp, right up to the ultimate of challenges: the first bend. Here you will find everything you need to get you into the world of blues harp playing

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