Xaphoon Maui C

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Maui Xaphoon in C

The MAUI XAPHOON C is the original Xaphoon and the first patented instrument of its kind. Each one is built by inventor Brian "Papa B." Wittman in his small workshop in Hawaii.

We recommend the C XAPHOON especially for playing with string and keyboard instruments, C or F flute. The C instruments are slightly shorter than the B Xaphoons, which is an advantage for smaller hands. The MAUI XAPHOON C can be easily learned on its own from the age of about 6 years. On this instrument the pitches are. C -/ F -/and B -major as well as a -/ d -/and g - minor are the easiest to play.

Like the material, bamboo, the MAUI XAPHOON is more individual than the CLASSIC XAPHOON, i.e. the tuning is the same but the tone colours are slightly different. Sometimes they tend more towards the clarinet and sometimes more towards the saxophone. The sound is more natural, perhaps a little warmer than that of the CLASSIC XAPHOON.

  • Pocket sax
  • Lowest note C'
  • Tonal range: 2 Octaves
  • a' = 440 Hz
  • Made of bamboo
  • Handmade
  • To play with a tenor saxophone reed

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