Great value

I've been looking at going into modular synthesis for a while now. The problem has been a quite high barrier of entry. The Behringer NEUTRON pretty much solves this by packaging a really nice starting package into a semi-modular desktop synthesizer while being unbelievably affordable. In addition, NEUTRON is easily worth the price as standalone synth. The fact that it's modular just brings so much more bang-for-buck.

I also like that I can route my other synths through the overdrive, filter, delay etc on the NEUTRON.

While being great for me, there are reasons not to get the NEUTRON:

-You don't want to deal with delays and timing issues with external synths(These are easy to deal with once you get used to it, but depending on your needs, you might be happier with soft synths)

-You don't want to deal with analog gear(tuning, drift, warming up, burning in. Things that you get used to but will likely cause annoyance at first)

Edit: After a while, I put the NEUTRON into eurorack and used cv:s for the pitch. I noticed that the tracking was off in a way that made osc1 sharp and os2 flat. There is however trims for tracking on the pcb. Trimming the tracking on the two oscillators was one of the most tedious things I've ever done, but achieved tracking that would only vary 2-3 cents on 5 octaves(which is way better that the tracking on my Arturia Microbrute for what it's worth).