Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus

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Bass Effect Pedal

Effects for bassists are always a bit tricky. Too much modulation impairs the directness and precision of the sound; moreover, normal guitar effects generally tend to cut the low frequencies of the signal, especially when the bass is a really undesirable side effect. BOSS is one of the first FX companies of the bassists and promises high-quality effect sounds, which should leave the important bass frequencies undamaged. The BOSS CEB-3 essentially corresponds to the CE-5, but has a low filter control, with which the bass range can be adjusted exactly to prevent sound degradation.

From the pioneer of the chorus effect comes the versatile new CEB-3 bass chorus. With it, you can create long-range chorus effects without altering the natural bass sound. In order to give you even more flexibility, we have installed a low filter control, which allows you to determine exactly the frequency that you want to record with Chorus. This gives you an incredible range of effects, from rich, spatial chorus for solos to very easy chorus effects, which only affect the overtones. To adjust the sound even more precisely, rate and depth controls are still installed. With this versatility, it always provides the optimal effect, whether you play with your fingers, with a pick or slaps. In addition, the CEB-3 also has a stereo output, which makes the chorus effect much more spatial. A really ideal effect pedal to expand your expressive possibilities.

  • Through the low-pass filter, the chorus effect does not affect the low frequencies and the bass sound remains differentiated and does not mash
  • Power consumption: 22mA
  • Power supply with a 9 V battery or a 9 V DC power supply (coaxial connector - negative pole / terminal inside - not included in delivery, for example, see item #409939# for availability)
  • Dimensions: (WxDxH) 70 x 125 x 55 mm
  • Weight: 450 g

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