Intellijel Designs Tete

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Intellijel Tete; Eurorack module; Expander for Intellijel Tetrapad (requires item 440071); Combo Mode: each of Tetrapad´s 4 pads can be defined as fader, bi-polar fader, crossfader, LFO, dual switch or drum-pad; Notes Mode: each of the pads can be devided into 4, 8, 12 or 16 keys (including scales and chords); Voltage Mode: each pad can be devided into 8, 12 or 16 zones to generate control voltages; Step Recording with up to 256 steps; Realtime-Performance-Recorder and Looper; additional Loopy performance mode for Looper and Sequencer; Transport controls for controlling other modules; 3 assignable CV inputs with attenuverters; 3 assignable CV outputs; clockable to internal or external clock (with adjustable multiplication/division); 99 memory locations for each mode; storage to 16GB microSD card (included); power consumption: 120mA (+12V) / 6mA (-12V); width: 8 HP; depth: 39mm
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