Carl Martin Single Channel PlexiTone

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Distortion pedal

The Carl Martin Plexitone is a pedal that has been guaranteeing the legendary and unmatched sound of the early Plexis for some time. There have been regular attempts to do this, with mixed results. The Carl Martin Plexitone has risen to the challenge and really sounds very authentic. The Single Channel Plexitone is a stripped down version - let's face it, a real Plexi can almost only be tamed with the volume control on the guitar. Cheaper than its the big brother, it is a true bargain compared to an old Plexi, (and, unlike an old Plexi, it can also be appreciated at civil volumes!)

  • Authentic Pro Series Plexi Tone Sound
  • Designed in collaboration with Pete Thorn
  • Controls for level Drive and sound
  • Sturdy metal casing
  • New DC-DC converter circuit makes the 9 volt operation in the use of high quality components of the 12 volt AC CM-Pro series possible
  • Suitable power supply: Article #409939#

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