Lindy Fralin Vintage Hot ST-Standard Set

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Lindy's strat pickups are exact copies of the Fender pickups of the late 50's and early 60's. The pickups sound very open and lively and support the sound spectrum of your guitar, without depriving them of their peculiarities, even in connection with high-gain amplifier circuits. Like all Fralin pickups, they are wound by hand. You use the same high-quality materials as then:

  • Vintage hot ST standard model
  • Black bobbin
  • 42 gauge Formvar (orange) wire
  • Alnico 5 magnets
  • Magnets by 1955 specifications
  • Cut to size pickup cable per installation position
  • Output Power: 6- 7 K
  • Colour: Vintage White

There are some small improvements:

  • The individual cartridges are designed for the corresponding position wound (bridge - mid - neck). Therefore, you get a very balanced volume ratio.
  • The middle pickup is wound with "reverse polarity", which causes the usual humming problem of single coils to be suppressed in the intermediate positions.
  • All Fralin pickups are much better than the waxed old Fender pickups. This makes them not whistle, even at high volume.

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