Paiste PST3 Universal Standard Set

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Universal Standard Set

  • Made of a particularly melodic brass/copper alloy
  • Paiste Sound Technology Series

Set includes:

14" Hi-Hat

  • Medium bright, clear, full sounding hi-hat cymbals
  • Tight, clear frequency range
  • With versatile applications
  • Balanced, even feel
  • Bright, controlled, open sound
  • Soft, controllable chick sound
  • In general, an easily playable hi-hat for all applications

16" Crash

  • Full, focussed and piercing crash cymbal
  • Medium frequency range
  • Clear sound image
  • Balanced feel with explosive response
  • Average weight

20" Ride

  • Warm, full, clear sounding ride cymbal
  • Medium frequency range
  • Clear tone
  • Soft and uniform feel
  • Sizzling ping over full base tone (wash)
  • Always controllable for a wide range of applications in all styles
  • Medium heavy cymbal
  • Quiet to loud in volume

40 oceny/ocen



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